A course for everyone, regardless of their level of experience. During this semester long class, students improvise and create original material, some ridiculous, some serious. All students rehearse and perform two extended scenes from contemporary plays complete with costumes, staging and props. We get to try a little of everything: directing, playwrighting, improvising, but all in the name of performance.


A full-year, mixed level class, 2 Theatre is a combination scene study plus theatre history course. This class is all about tracing back our ideas of performance to the beginning. We work backwards, starting with contemporary scene work through the ideas of Stanislavski, back to Shakespeare and beyond. Other highlights from the curriculum include an adaptation/directing project, a month spent only on comedy, and much more.


This is our advanced class, and the curriculum changes every other year to focus on another subject. In 2015-16, our focus is directing. The course will work towards the short play festival in the spring, when students have the opportunity to direct their own one-act play. Before that, topics include a monologue and audition unit, the history of and performance in the American musical theatre, and more. In 2016-17, the course will focus on playwrighting—every student develops their own short play. In that particular year, we work on dialects and accents and the construction of our own class soap operas.


An introduction to many areas of technical theater such as scenic carpentry, scenic design, lighting design, and sound design. Students work on practical projects related to current ETHS productions as well as independent projects. Students will engage in a wide range of skills including the safe use of power tools, scenic painting, electrical wiring, and sound reinforcement techniques. It's a lot of fun.